Finally! When Hannah realizes she could not stop thinking about all the moment is cut short. This was why, when she wanted to make him stay, she stopped the make and yelled at him to leave. Clay is torn up with guilt. He tells Tony that he should not have abandoned her — by not insisting that he remain, he murdered her, and maybe Jeff. Tony reminds Clay that Hannah was. From the installment of this 13 Reasons Why online series is catastrophic as it brings out the truth of what occurred at the celebration of Jessica. We learn it is not what he did but what he did not do and that tape nine is the tape of Justin well part two of it. Clay invites Hannah to the party of Jessica, she is ready for a start. When she hears Justin and a Jessica hides encounter Jessica’s bedroom. Until Jessica tells, the couple begins making out. Justin leaves annoyed as he walks out he into 19, that they won’t be having sex. Bryce forces in and secures the door behind him Hannah is hiding in the bedroom although Justin did try to stop him. Jessica’s behaviour is explained by this second but not Justin’s because he needs to forget it happened and questions why she is acting erratic. I’m really beginning to wonder why Jessica is even with Justin, he is a coward but maybe there. It was Clay’s tutoring friend and pupil that died in an auto accident after leaving the celebration of Jessica. Sheri — the field of tape 10 — is to blame for his death, since Hannah explains. After bearing witness to the rape of Jessica, a wasted Hannah takes a ride home and makes her way downstairs. While driving Sheri hits and knocks over a stop sign and will not call the police because she is fearful when he found out that her dad would be upset with her.

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This is by far among the most decisions anybody makes in this episode of 13 Reasons Why online and is a consequence of a lot. Since her mobile is dead, Hannah heads to produce a telephone call and she was left by Sheri. The cashier could care less about Hannah so she must take his phone and make the call herself, doing the perfect thing. However, the “injury” in the intersection is already reported to the authorities. Initially, Hannah considers Sheri predicted but we learn that it was. A secret which has come to light in day. From making a beer run, Jeff who was back, got to a collision because there was no sign he never ceased. This entry gives some peace of mind because he thought that Jeff was driving to Clay. Sheri is confronted by him and insists that she tells Jeff’s parents what went down but she says she won’t. Clay takes it upon himself to inform admits and Jeff’s parents to calling 9-1-1 and that Jeff did not knock the signal over. The father of Jeff questions when the signal was knocked down by Clay, Clay could understand this information and queries. If Sheri called about the signal or at least attempted to repair it somehow and would have done the correct thing, a boy would not have died. This 13 Reasons Why online series brings to light of the decisions it could have on a single life. Hannah admits that Clay should be on the tapes but is. We return to Jessica’s party and watch Hannah and Clay finally sharing. This is dreadful seeing what happened in the episode of watch 13 Reasons Why online; he was person and a fantastic friend. Hannah and Clay wind up with a fun night and wind up in Jessica’s room, and start to make out.

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