We are excited to announce availability of several new international trade data series and to
introduce our new web-based international trade software, AXESWeb, now being licensed to the

The new data series include:

State Exports by 2, 4, and 6-digit HS (Harmonized System) Commodity by Country
State Exports by 3-digit NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) by Country
Latin American Exports and Imports by 2, 4, and 6-digit HS Commodity by Country

State Exports by HS
You may remember our email last year that we were working on improvements in the new
state exports by HS data. At that time the data was complete at the 4-digit level, but had
suppressions at the 6-digit level. Because of our work (which resulted in state exports at a
10-digit level!), Census last month re-released the state HS series with complete 6-digit
detail. MISER is now releasing that complete 6-digit, monthly, state of origin of movement
data. Census has asked that we not release 10-digit data as it may lead to complaints about
disclosure which might result in Census having to release at a less detailed level. MISER is
not imputing for missing states in the HS series, but we are working on other data
enhancements at the 6-digit level.

State Exports by NAICS (coming in July 2000)
State exports by 3-digit NAICS will replace the old state exports by 2-digit SIC series. Both
Origin of Movement and Exporter Location NAICS data will be available on a quarterly
basis. MISER will not impute for missing states and industries in the NAICS series due to
the fact that there will be fewer missing states with electronic filing of export documentation
in the near future. However, Census is producing NAICS data back to 1997 so the series will
begin with a 3-year, consistent time series.

Latin America Exports and Imports by HS
We now have 1994-98 export and import data for 28 Latin American Countries at the most
detailed commodity levels. This database can be used to calculate and monitor over time any
country’s or company’s share of world exports to Latin America for any commodity.

You can now have unlimited access to all of MISER’s international trade databases via
AXESWeb. MISER’s latest version of Accelerated eXport Enhancement System is easy to
use and features data drill-downs, graphics, pdf output and aggregations by U.S. and world